“Unlike the usual lecture-class setting, the facilitator,
Ms. Monica Prado, engages with the student to avoid the common pitfall of
traditional classroom discussions – long tedious explanations and passivity of the student.
She tries her best to encourage me to take an active role in the learning process
by asking me to contribute also to the discussion. She asks questions related
to the topic and I, as her student, respond to the best of my knowledge.
In a sense, Ms. Monica assured me that my Speechcraft Training under Communicare
was a collaborative learning process. She made me feel that I am not a mere
listener but also an active contributor in our discussion. Communicare sees to
it that the participants involved in the communication process always develop
rapport with each other to ensure effective communication.”
– Ms. Chariss Garcia, Human Resources Practitioner
For the communication topics such as the ones listed below, Monica Prado is usually the resource person of choice of companies, professionals, and students. To know more about her trainings and talks, you may also visit


1. Effective Business Communication
2. Effective Business Writing
3. Powerful Presentation Skills
4. Effective Oral Communication

Monica offers the following services.

Keynote Presentations

As people aim to develop their communication skills, Monica’s keynote presentations help them develop their confidence and gain the essential tools that they can use daily in their personal lives and career. Monica’s speeches and presentations always carry the central message that effective communication skills are necessary to achieve one’s goals.


Coaching Programs

The communication coaching programs of Monica are for individuals who want to develop their communication skills and boost their self-confidence. These are highly customized programs designed to address the participant’s specific training needs. The participant can learn at his or her own pace with the guidance of Monica.



In-house Corporate Trainings

The in-house trainings of Monica help companies develop the communication skills of their employees. To her participants, Monica is known by her participants for her lively and interactive class discussions and fun, hands-on activities.



“Being in front of somebody has always been a daunting task.
It took years before I accepted this fact and started dealing with my flaws
in socializing and treating myself. This was where Communicare Training and
Development was able to help me. The way I presented myself, spoke and
responded was addressed in a systematic way and tailored to my personality.
I was challenged. Although it was uncomfortable, I accepted the program wholeheartedly.
I improved and it changed my perspective in many ways.

Thank you Communicare and Monica, those two days of seminar which really
made an impact in my life in ways you couldn’t imagine.”
-Topher Dizon, Engineer


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